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Discover the perfect blend of networking, education, and the arts at! Join us for exciting events that foster meaningful connections, facilitate communication and partnerships, and of course, have a lot of fun!

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Our local experts deliver engaging talks to share their valuable experiences, while our lively music and delicious food create a positive atmosphere. Join us for a fun and interactive networking event where you can meet new people and expand your connections.

Digital | Crypto | CustDev

  1. Live Piano


    - EET

  2. Vutaly Kindienko

    How to Develop a consulting in digital Era.

    - EET

  3. Eugene Green

    Interviews as a major step in CustDev.

    - EET

  4. Sten Safronov

    Cypto and DeFi

    - EET

  5. Networking

    Interactive networking.

    - EET